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Legacy Version Support and Update Policy

If you have any questions regarding the Legacy Version Support and Update Policy, please email us.

Zemax Software and Service Pack Releases

Zemax software evolves over time with each new release replacing the previous version. Zemax software releases are separated into two (2) distinct categories:

  1. Software Release – these releases are considered full-version releases and contain new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
  2. Service Packs – these releases are considered as supplemental and contain only bug fixes.

Software and service pack releases occur throughout the year with announcements made online at Zemax.com.

Zemax Software Release Policy

As new versions of the software are released, older ones are phased out. Zemax provides download links to older versions and technical support for those versions for a limited time. While the following policies don’t represent a historical change, our goal is to clearly define end of life support to assist customers in planning for the future. The following policies govern technical support for and availability of Zemax software releases.

  • Availability of Software Releases: we provide access to previous releases of our software that are up to two (2) years old with respect to the current version. After two (2) years it will be removed from the website and will no longer be provided.
  • Availability of Service Pack Releases: all software bug fixes will be added to the next planned Service Pack release and will be made available for download from our website. Zemax will not provide additional Service Pack releases once an updated version of the software is released.
  • Technical Support for Software Releases: We will make every reasonable attempt to resolve installation issues with older software versions, but updating to the latest release may be required. Support will be provided on installation issues provided the license has a current support agreement.
  • License Support: A license is eligible to run any version of the program whose release date was during or prior to the license’s support period. A license that is eligible for a software release is not automatically eligible for subsequent service pack releases. If you are unsure of your license support expiration, you can see all license data in your Zemax account details page.


Release Name
License File*
Release Notes
22 Feb 2022
EN, JP, CN Release
2 Feb 2022
EN, JP, CN Release
30 Nov 2021
EN, JP, CN Release
28 Oct 2021
EN, JP, CN Release
21 Sept 2021
EN, JP, CN Release
16 Feb 2021
lc_210212.dat (0.2 MB)
EN, CN, JP Release
19 Jan 2021
lc_201012.dat (0.2 MB)
EN, CN, JP Release
30 Nov 2020
lc_201130.dat (0.2 MB)
EN, CN, JP Release
13 Oct 2020
lc_201012.dat (0.2 MB)
EN Release
14 Sept 2020
lc_200914.dat (0.2 MB)
EN Release
7 Jul 2020
lc_200706.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack
22 Jun 2020
lc_200622.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack and JP, CN translation
18 May 2020
lc_200518.dat (0.2 MB)
EN Release
20 Apr 2020
lc_200420.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack
23 Mar 2020
lc_200323.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack
24 Feb 2020
lc_200224.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack and JP, CN translation
21 Jan 2020
lc_200121.dat (0.2 MB)
EN Release
28 Oct 2019
lc_191028.dat (0.2 MB)
Release (All Languages)
31 Jul 2019
lc_190731.dat (0.2 MB)
Service Pack

Some license types have limited backward compatibility with previous releases. System requirements and license compatibility information can be found in OpticStudio Legacy Version System Requirements

* Typically, you only need to download the installation file, but not the license file. If you check for OpticStudio support updates offline, it may require downloading the license file, depending on key type. For instructions on updates for all license types, see the article Is My Key Under Current Support? 

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