Zemax Virtual Prototyping

Bridge the idea to production gap

Improve the speed and accuracy of optomechanical product designs.

Harness the most robust virtual prototyping tools.

Zemax Virtual Prototyping bridges the divide between optical design and mechanical design. It’s the only solution to create a working virtual prototype of the entire optomechanical product—not just the optical or mechanical components alone.

LensMechanix brings the power of OpticStudio ray tracing straight to the mechanical CAD package so that mechanical, product, and systems engineers can ensure the quality of the optical performance throughout the entire design cycle.

See the proof.

With Zemax Virtual Prototyping, Global Surgical cut product development time in half.

A-Series Microscope Project Timeline

106 days cut from project

With Zemax Virtual Prototyping
Without Zemax Virtual Prototyping

Reduce design iterations and repeated prototypes, cutting time to market and development costs.

Achieve maximum engineering efficiency.

Simplify communication between optical and mechanical engineers.

Design time has big cost impacts. Rather than spending a lot of time poring over drawings and clarifying optical specs, the mechanical engineer can begin designing mechanical components within minutes of loading the optical design into LensMechanix. Increasing your engineering team’s efficiencies results in significant cost savings.

engineering agility.

Maintain design fidelity during file handoffs between OpticStudio and CAD platforms​.

Mechanical engineers can access all the optical design data in the CAD environment, so they don’t need to make assumptions about the optical system or rebuild geometry. And they can make informed mechanical design decisions. When teams are stretched to capacity, the ability to minimize guesswork pays off in shorter time to market.

design validation.

Catch and correct errors early when changes are easier and less costly.

Mechanical engineers can simulate the impact of mechanical components on optical performance by simulating how rays travel through the optomechanical system. With Zemax Virtual Prototyping, teams can resolve errors before building costly physical prototypes. And they can often design simpler systems to achieve the same objectives with lower manufacturing costs.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Thousands of organizations use our software to develop cutting-edge optical products.
Here’s what a few of them have to say.

Results from leading companies have been remarkable, with accelerated time to market and higher profitability.


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