Important Notice:
In order to help our customers, Zemax continues to offer private training. We are doing our part to limit the spread of the coronavirus by conducting all private training events through remote meeting technology until further notice. For more information contact your account manager or email sales at

Boost your engineering team’s productivity

Empower your team with a Zemax training course.

Customized private training

If your organization has multiple individuals to train, customized private training is an economical option at a flat fee per day. Courses are taught by Zemax’s experienced optical engineers using the most current version of Zemax software.

Examples of topics include how to:

  • Use freeform and aspheric surfaces

  • Perform advanced tolerancing techniques

  • Use physical optics propagation, Gaussian beams, and geometric rays to simulate lasers and optical fibers, and explain when to use each tool

  • Incorporate OpticsBuilder as part of your optical product design workflow

  • Use OpticsViewer to improve communication with non-optical engineers

If you want to customize OpticStudio for your team’s use, your team can also learn how to program it using the ZOS-API.NET and learn Zemax Programming Language.

Your team can:

  • Simplify common workflows using ZPL

  • Program new operands, surfaces, and objects in OpticStudio

  • Use the ZOS-API to create and analyze systems with C# and MATLAB

Schedule private training so your team can design optical products faster.

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