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About LensMechanix for Creo

LensMechanix is the best application for mechanical engineers to package optical systems in Creo. Simulate the impact of mechanical designs on optical performance to catch errors early and get products to market faster.

  • Load all lenses, mirrors, sources, and detectors from OpticStudio® as native CAD parts, without STEP, IGES, or STL files.

  • Start designing mechanical structures around optical components using complete component data.

  • Catch and correct errors early, such as stray light, image contamination, and beam clipping.


Optical engineer designs optical system in OpticStudio

Mechanical engineer loads the entire optical design into LensMechanix for Creo

Mechanical engineer designs mechanical components around accurate optical data

Mechanical engineer checks for issues caused by mechanical components

Mechanical engineer updates the mechanical model (if needed) and finalizes it

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