What's new in Zemax 21.2


Zemax recently launched new updates for both OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder. In addition to a few significant product updates, OpticStudio 21.2 enables Optical Engineers to utilize our latest Structural, Thermal, Analysis and Results (STAR) module to easily visualize and analyze the impact of structural and thermal factors within OpticStudio. OpticsBuilder 21.2 now supports Q-type aspheres and improved design capabilities for creating new designs and removing optical subassemblies.

In this webinar Akil Bhagat, Esteban Carbajal, and Lisa Clauson will review the new features included in this release and demonstrate how these new features work within the software.


Akil Bhagat
Business Product
Zemax, LLC
Esteban Carbajal
Product Manager
Zemax, LLC
Lisa Clauson
Product Manager
Zemax, LLC

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