Modeling UV-C Irradiation chambers for mask decontamination using Zemax OpticStudio

Ultraviolet decontamination of personal protective equipment, particularly masks, is important in situations where mask reuse is practiced. To assist in the development of UV-C decontamination chambers, Stanford University constructed ray tracing models in OpticStudio for two distinct geometries, namely a rectangular cabinet and a cylindrical can. In this presentation, Dr. Jeff Wilde describes the model details and shows simulation results that compare favorably to experimental measurements.


Dr. Jeff Wilde is an optical technologist with more than thirty years' experience developing innovative products for numerous companies, spanning a wide variety of application areas. He also serves as a Research Consultant for Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University, where he has participated in research on advanced fiber communication technologies, optical superresolution imaging, and helped establish a program on X-ray phase-contrast imaging for security applications. Dr. Wilde has been an active user of Zemax since he purchased his first copy of the software in 1996.


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