Design “Eye Cube” – An Unobtrusive Eye Tracking Camera for Next-Generation Extended Reality

Stay up-to-speed on the latest Mixed Reality (MR) innovations, including the custom developed non-intrusive eye-tracking camera “Eye-Cube” headsets with cameras based on a Wafer Level Optics design. During this session, Fredrik Mattinson, Senior Developer Optronics at Tobii Tech, will discuss the challenges with eye tracking for the next generation MR-headset and discuss possible ways to solve it. The emphasize will then be on the non-intrusive eye tracking camera – Eye Cube as a possible way to meet tomorrow's demands these MR headsets. He will also touch on the manufactured and package camera with a size less than 1 mm2. 

Fredrik Mattinson has a Technologie Licentiate degree in Laserphysics and Quantum Optics (3 PhD years), and over 20 years of experience in the optics field. He currently works with Tobii Tech eye tracking – designing ET-camera for remote, integrate ET-camera with AR headsets and research in using hologram for ET-camera and now a non-intrusive WLO camera design for XR. Fredrik’s past experience includes working at SaabTech as part of developing display systems as HMD (AR), HUD and HDD, at GE Healthcare designing optical instruments to detect protein interactions using SPR Surface Plasmon Resonance, and at FLIR as an optical designer of thermal cameras. 


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