Optimizing for MTF Performance using Contrast Optimization

Contrast Optimization technique allows for robust and efficient optimization on the system MTF at a given spatial frequency. The method minimizes the wavefront differences between pairs of rays separated by a pupil shift corresponding to the targeted spatial frequency, which maximizes the MTF. Further computational efficiency is achieved by using Gaussian Quadrature to determine the pattern of rays sampled.

Learn how:

  • Contrast Optimization is much faster than a direct optimization on the MTF value

  • To use the Contrast Optimization default merit function

  • The Contrast Loss Map shows exactly which areas in the pupil are causing the most loss of MTF

  • Optimization of a Double Gauss design shows that Contrast Optimization can be comparable in speed to wavefront optimization

  • Optimizing a singlet on its shape factor confirms that the Contrast Optimization merit function has the same minimum as an MTF

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Sneak preview

Optimizing for MTF Performance using Contrast Optimization Sneak Preview

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