Non-Sequential Settings

Non-Sequential Settings
This course will describe the tools for polarization and will then look at what happens when a ray splits.

About This Course

This course includes the following content: 

  • Using Mixed Mode
    • Presentation of the mixed mode, which is a combination of sequential and non sequential mode
  • Non Sequential Settings
    • Review of settings to terminate rays and common settings that can cause errors
  • Troubleshooting Non Sequential Systems
    • Termination criteria
    • Geometry errors
    • “Inside of” Flag
    • Glue Distance
    • Faceted Objects & Drawing Resolution
    • Self Study example


  • Before we get started....
  • 1. What is Sequential Mode?
  • 2. What is Mixed Mode?
  • 3. Mixed Mode Overview
  • 4. Mixed Mode Limitations
  • 5. What kind of systems need Mixed Mode?
Non-Sequential Settings
  • 6. Non-Sequential Settings description
Termination Criteria
  • 7. What are the Termination Criteria?
Geometry Errors
  • 8. What is a Geometry Error?
  • 9. Create Error Ray
  • 10. Quiz: Geometry Error Example
"Inside Of" flag
  • 11. When to use the "Inside Of" flag?
  • 12. Quiz: "Inside Of" Example
Glue Distance
  • 13. What is the Glue Distance?
  • Quiz: Glue Distance Example
Faceted Objects and Drawing Resolution
  • Faceted Objects and Drawing Resolution
Test your knowledge!
  • Non-Sequential Settings - Test your knowledge!