7. Tolerancing I

7. Tolerancing I
This course offers a first introduction on tolerancing in OpticStudio. After a theory overview, it describes the purpose of the different tolerancing algorithms available. By using a single Monte Carlo file, it describes the different tolerancing operands and their effect on the overall system performance.

About This Course

This course includes the following content:
  • Introduction on tolerancing theory
  • Tolerancing analysis available in OpticStudio
  • Tolerancing operands
  • Surface tolerances
  • Element tolerances
  • Tolerance ranges

Buying this course individually provides 5-day access to the online training platform. We recommend the Tolerancing Learning Plan.


  • 7.1 Introduction on tolerancing
  • 7.2 Tolerancing analyses in OpticStudio
Tolerance operands
  • 7.3 Tolerance operands – Part 1 (System setup)
  • 7.4 Tolerance operands – Part 2 (Effect of perturbations)
Test your knowledge!
  • 7.5 Tolerancing I - Test your knowledge