6. Diffraction, MTF, and Image Simulation

6. Diffraction, MTF, and Image Simulation

This course offers a review of diffraction theory and the different domains of validity of OpticStudio analyses. It also includes an example of how to design a Double Gauss for specific MTF targets, and how to use Image Simulation to visualize pictures as imaged through the modelled system.

About This Course

This course includes the following content:

  • Review of diffraction theory
  • PSF, MTF and Strehl ratio
  • Double Gauss design
  • Designing with MTF targets
  • Ray aiming
  • Image simulation

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  • 6.1 Diffraction, MTF and image quality
Double Gauss design
  • 6.2 Double Gauss design
  • 6.2.1 Double Gauss design
  • 6.3 Double Gauss follow up and key takeaways
Image simulation
  • 6.4 Image simulation
  • 6.4.1 Image simulation
  • 6.5 Practice time: image simulation with different tests detector
Test your knowledge!
  • 6.6 Diffraction, MTF, and Image Simulation - Test your knowledge