2. Optics Review

2. Optics Review

This course reviews first and third order optics, while showing several useful OpticStudio analyses that can be used to assess the aberrations of the optical system.

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About This Course

This course includes the following content:

  • First order optics
  • Chief and marginal rays
  • Stop and pupils
  • Rays definition
  • Wavefront and ray aberrations
  • Third order aberrations
  • Aberration spotting
  • Conservation of energy

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First order optics
  • 2.1 First order optics - part 1
  • 2.2 Power sign convention quiz
  • 2.3 First order optics - part 2
  • 2.4 Practice time: general data
Third order optics
  • Introduction to aberrations
  • 2.5 Ray tracing, wavefront and ray aberrations
  • 2.6 Third order optics and higher order aberrations
  • Aberration review
  • Identifying Aberrations with OpticStudio features
  • 2.7 Practice time: aberration spotting
  • 2.8 Conservation of energy
Aberration Strategy
  • Common optical design strategies to reduce aberrations
Optional: Additional material
  • Basic Shapes of Imaging Systems: Part 1
  • Basic Shapes of Imaging Systems: Part 2
Test your knowledge!
  • 2.9 Optics Review - Test your knowledge