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Individual licenses can be used by any single person within the organization.

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Best for
designing lenses

per user, per year
Billed annually


Best for
designing optical systems

per user, per year
Billed annually


Best for
optical product design

per user, per year
Billed annually





Industry-leading optimization

Tolerancing & manufacturing tools

Imaging & afocal design

Lighting & illumination design

Lasers & fibers

Stray light analysis

Phosphor & fluorescence modeling

CAD integrations

Simultaneous instances




Programming interface

Zemax Programming Language for low-level macro programming

Zemax Programming Language as well as API for full customization & automation

Support is available at MyZemax.com, where users have access to Knowledgebase articles, community forums, and support cases.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Standard – best for designing and optimizing simple lenses (sequential systems only). It is the industry standard for basic sequential ray tracing and analysis.

  • Professional – best for designing optical systems like camera lenses and telescopes (non-sequential capabilities). Alongside Premium, it’s the only solution with both imaging & illumination ray tracing.

  • Premium – best for complete optical product design like smartphones and satellites (enables CAD integration). It’s really the best solution for accurately simulating the real-world behavior of optical products.

Contact Sales@Zemax.com and we would be happy to help answer your question and get the right licenses for your needs.

Yes, Zemax offers volume discounts for five or more users. The more users, the higher the discount. Zemax also offers a fixed price for multi-year terms, so you can lock in current pricing for up to three years. Please contact your Account Manager or local sales office to discuss your options.

Once you have an active license, you will be able to access support through MyZemax.com, where we offer unlimited use of our community forums for all customers, as well as private support cases. You can either open a case for support or schedule phone support.

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Need help?

Contact us to find the right OpticStudio subscription for your needs.

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