Zemax Software Onboarding Plan

Get a jump-start on your newest project with our customized onboarding after your purchase of a Zemax subscription product. Partner with a Zemax Engineer to create a plan for getting immediate and lasting value out of your Zemax subscription by learning the features, tools, and resources you will need for your application.

Program Objective

The Zemax customer onboarding plan enables Zemax Engineers to work alongside you to create a plan to improve your success with Zemax software solutions.

With Zemax customer onboarding, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective user of Zemax software solutions.


Purchase a Zemax subscription software product and gain access to Zemax engineer free of charge.

What’s Included

Attend up to three technical 1:1 meetings with a dedicated support engineer.

  • Get set up: Configure your software with our IT Support Specialist to get up and running quickly.

  • Plan: Review your business and project goals with a Zemax Engineer and establish a success plan get an overview of your Zemax product.

  • Execute: Receive system setup and feature guidance, along with a tailored set of technical resources.


“Even though I had already experience with the software, I learned about the new developments and changes. Also, I was able to learn the location of resources inside the Zemax website along with the various communication channels for support.”

“I will recommend this onboarding session to new Zemax customers because it is a good way to ask some questions to a real expert about how optimize our use of Zemax to be dedicated to our core business.”

“The onboarding plan can be a good starting point in the use of Opticstudio. I learnt about new tools that have been introduced to Opticstudio.”

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