OpticStudio® Perpetual Trade-in Upgrade

Through the end of 2021, OpticStudio users can trade-in and upgrade their current or expired perpetual licenses to more advanced subscription licenses at the current cost of perpetual maintenance and support.

Subscription Upgrade

Since their introduction in 2019, OpticStudio subscription licenses have introduced exclusive new capabilities not available to perpetually licensed software. Improvements to the subscription software include the ability to run more copies of OpticStudio at once, new optimization algorithms, tools to more quickly and easily ensure that your system will meet manufacturing requirements, tools to assist in freeform, hologram, and grating design and analysis, access to hundreds of design templates, and more.

For a limited time only, we are offering OpticStudio users the opportunity to upgrade their current or expired perpetual licenses to new subscription licenses. Users simply trade-in their perpetual license and receive a new subscription license at the current perpetual maintenance and support price.

Program Eligibility

Participation in this program is open to all OpticStudio users that own a current or expired perpetual license. Offer is limited to commercial licenses only.

License Upgrade Details

  • All expired perpetual license trade-ins will receive the 2021 maintenance and support price.

  • All current perpetual license trade-ins will receive the 2020 maintenance and support price.

  • All trade-ins will receive the discounted rate for the life of the license.

  • Perpetual licenses can be traded-in for the same or elevated tier of the subscription license.

  • Trading-in perpetual licenses can be done at or before the time of the license renewal date.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer! Contact us today to request your OpticStudio® Perpetual Trade-in Upgrade.

Offer Terms and Conditions