Poland - Systemy Optoelektroniczne Maciej Traczyk

Maciej Traczyk, Ph.D. https://optoelektronika.com.pl/en/
Tel: +48 607 981 724
Email: kontakt@optoelektronika.com.pl
Address: 05-180 Kosewko, ul. Słowiańska 14

Systemy Optoelektroniczne Maciej Traczyk specializes in design, simulation, development, support production, and test of the wide range optical, optoelectronics systems.

The main fields of activities include:

  • Design illuminating and imaging systems using the Premium Version of ZEMAX-OpticStudio
  • Support development optical systems from start to production stage
  • Optimalization of optical system
  • Design and development test and alignment stations
  • Numerical simulations of light propagation in turbulence media
  • Consulting service