Group Training

Blended Courses
Ensure that your group has mastered the concepts from their OpticsAcademy self-paced training by getting live guidance from a Zemax expert in a group session.
  • Combines OpticsAcademy self-paced courses with live instructor-led Q&A time, up to 2 hours.
  • Have opportunity to ask questions about any of the material
  • Step through any example systems where students didn't achieve the expected outcome
  • Get help from the instructor in identifying and fixing errors
  • Learn from the questions and answers raised by others
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Private Courses
If your organization has multiple individuals to train, customized private training is an economical option at a flat fee per day. Courses are taught by Zemax's experienced optical engineers using the most current version of Zemax software. With private training, you can customize your content selection from across our library of training topics.
  • Fully instructor-led courses
  • No travel required; training conducted via remote sessions or a Zemax representative comes to you
  • Widest selection of training topics available
  • Access to the same great content as our classroom training
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