Zemax Conference
October 6-8, 2020


Sharadindu Banerjee, Optical Engineer (R&D), Tishya's Medical Device Development Pvt. Ltd.

Sharadindu Banerjee is an optical engineer of Tishya's Medical Device Development Pvt Ltd, and responsible for the R&D and designing of their product. He is a postgraduate in Photonics (from NIT Warangal, India), and currently is working on portable oct engines, portable microscopes, scanning devices and other bio-medical devices.

Guy Beadie, Director of Optical Technologies, Peak Nano Optics, LLC

Dr. Guy Beadie is Director of Optical Technologies at Peak Nano Optics, LLC, which is developing new technology in gradient index (GRIN) optics. He was also a Research Scientist in the Optical Sciences Division of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for 21 years. Guy's research interests included nonlinear optics and ultrafast dynamics in organic molecules. For the past 15 years, his primary interests have been in polymer and GRIN optics.

Akil Bhagat, Product Manager, Zemax

Akil joined Zemax in 2016 as an Optical Engineer and has since moved into product management with the goal to make OpticStudio the best optical design software it can possibly be. Akil previously developed a dual-projector autofocus system at RealD and helped design a second generation handheld 3D scanner at Occipital. 

Akil studied optical engineering at the University of Rochester and in his free time can be found watching sports, gaming, and spending time with friends.

John Capone, Lead Optical Researcher for HARMONI Spectrographs Sub-system, University of Oxford

John Capone received his PhD in Astronomy from the University of Maryland in 2016 for his work at NASA-GSFC on RIMAS, a near-infrared imager and spectrograph. Since mid-2016, John has been a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford where he is developing optical systems for HARMONI’s spectrographs. As part of these efforts, John has written a Python package which uses the ZOS API to automate analyses and to extend the capabilities of ZOS.

Brian Catanzaro, Sole Proprietor, CFE Services

Dr. Brian Catanzaro has presented at the 2 of the last 3 Envision conferences, describing the power of the ZOS-API with unique applications. As a 20 year veteran consultant, he has contributed to developing products and technologies in over 100 organizations including start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, NASA, DARPA, and Department of Defense customers.

Praneeth Chakravarthula, PhD Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Praneeth Chakravarthula is a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill working with Prof. Henry Fuchs on next generation novel, near-eye displays for virtual and augmented reality. His research interests lie at the intersection of optics, graphics, optimization and machine learning. Prior to joining UNC, Praneeth obtained his B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Signal Processing, all from IIT Madras, India. Praneeth has previously held research internship positions at Facebook Reality Labs, Microsoft Research Cambridge and NVIDIA Research. He was also a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Lab and NUS Singapore. Praneeth is a recipient of Best paper awards at ISMAR, IEEE VR, SPIE Photonics West and OSA Biophotonics and a Best in show award at SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies

Lisa Clauson, Product Manager, Zemax

Lisa joined Zemax in 2018 as an optomechanical engineer before moving into the Product Manager position. Her eight years of experience in optomechanical design for motion picture applications at Panavision gave her experience that fuels her interest to create smoother workflows and more robust virtual prototyping solutions at Zemax. Lisa currently is the product manager for OpticsBuilder.

Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in cinematic arts and sciences from Columbia College Chicago, a certificate in optical engineering from the University of California, Irvine, and a certificate in product management from the University of Washington.When Lisa’s not working, her background in cinema inspires her to explore and photograph the Pacific Northwest.

Paul Colbourne, Director Optical Switching Technology Advanced Research, Lumentum

Dr. Paul Colbourne is Director, Optical Switching Technology Advanced Research at Lumentum (and formerly JDS Uniphase) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where he has been designing optical components for fiber optic communication systems for over 25 years.

Pierre Craen, CEO, poLight SAS

Pierre Craen has more than 25 years’ experience in opto-mechanical system engineering. Prior to joining poLight, he managed product development and teams at Spacebel Instrumentation, BARCO, Motorola/Symbol and Varioptic. Pierre holds a M.Sc. degree in optical engineering from Institute d’ Optique Graduate school of Paris-France and a M.Sc. in Applied Physics from University of Liege-Belgium.

Sanjay Gangadhara, Chief Technology Officer, Zemax

Tasked with strategic planning and implementation of product releases, Sanjay leads a cross-functional team of engineers, physicists, and software developers. His background in general physics, electromagnetism, and optical systems diagnostics has served him well in his various roles at Zemax including optical scientist, senior analyst, developer, and now director of R&D.

Eduardo Gonzalez, Optical Design Engineer, Edmund Optics

Eduardo has been with Edmund Optics for 13 years. He has experience with QA and lens generation. Eduardo has been doing lens design and evaluation with OpticStudio for 5 years.

Kyle Johnston, Owner, Luminart Labs, LLC

Kyle Johnston is a principal of Luminart Labs, LLC, a optical consultancy based near Seattle. He received a PhD EE and a MS EE from the University of Washington, but more importantly, a BS Phys from Western Washington University. For 25 years, Kyle has used Zemax products to support design, build, test, and analysis efforts in a wide range of challenging applications from fields such as machine vision, optical instrumentation, optical sensors, medical optics, fiber optic systems, and illumination.

Prasad Iyer, Senior LiDAR Systems Engineer, Lumotive

Prasad Iyer joined Lumotive as their 5th employee to design and develop their core beam steering metasurface technology. Prasad completed his PhD from the University of California Santa Barbara on the topic of reconfigurable metasurfaces using III-V heterojunction devices. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Material Science and Engineering department at IIT Kanpur, India. Prasad’s expertise lies in the design and integration of novel opto-electronic devices within a production scale optical system.

Dr. Ralf Jedamzik, Principal Scientist, SCHOTT AG

Dr. Ralf Jedamzik is a principal scientist at the division Advanced Optics at SCHOTT AG in Mainz. He has more than 20 years of experience in material properties, development projects and application of optical glass and ZERODUR glass ceramic.

Mike Jones, Owner, Precision Optics of Azle LLC

Mike Jones, Owner of Precision Optics of Azle LLC, has 48 years experience in analysis, design, assembly, testing, ground testing and field testing of a large number of diverse of optical systems.

Jake Joo, Graduate Student, Hulman Institute of Technology

Jake Joo is an optical engineering graduate student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. His thesis topic involves designing a miniature imaging system with good as-built performance. During his studies, Jake has learned and used Zemax extensively for imaging applications.

Stan Larroque, Founder, Lynx Mixed Reality

Stan Larroque founded Lynx Mixed Reality and leads a talented team of engineers conceiving advanced Mixed Reality systems for a new usage of computing. His work intersects with optics, robotics, ergonomics, hardware and software. Self-made and very motivated by his mission, Stan created with Lynx innovations and a true alternative to FAANG in VR and AR.

Alex Margiott, Senior Scientist, Triple Ring Technologies, Inc

Alex Margiott is with the Photonics and Imaging group at Triple Ring Technologies, a technology co-development company. He is the Project Manager for the development and use of Triple Ring's diffuse light simulation capabilities. Alex has extensive experience in the design, testing, and manufacture of noninvasive medical devices utilizing diffuse optics.

Jennifer L. Michels, Optical Metrology Engineer, Optimax

Jennifer LeBaron Michels is an optical engineer at Optimax, a world class manufacturer of precision optics and home of the largest number of opticians in the US. Prior to her career in fabrication and testing, Jennifer worked in optical design and analysis for 20 years. Jennifer has an interest in improving communication between lens designers and manufacturing shops.

Zak Niazi, CEO, Circle Optics

Zak Niazi, CEO - Has a history of developing optical innovations including the world’s thinnest scanning fiber endoscope for Harvard Medical School, as well as the first system that quantitatively assesses aberrations in protective eye wear and has experience as an entrepreneur in mobile apps.

Ruchira Pratihar, Co-founder and Director of Software Engineering, Odin Technologies

Ruchira is the cofounder and director of software engineering at Odin Technologies, LLC. She earned her master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Signal Processing and Computer vision major from University of California, Riverside. Before joining Odin Technologies, she worked at Blue Barrel Solutions as
a data scientist. Ruchira has worked as a research assistant during her undergraduate and graduate studies focusing on signal processing, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, optimization theory and data visualization and gained her experiences from working on multiple healthcare related projects.

Cibby Pulikkaseril, CTO & Cofounder, Baraja

Cibby Pulikkaseril is one of the co-founders of Baraja, a rapidly growing start-up, with a revolutionary LiDAR for self-driving vehicles.

Ronian Siew, Consultant in Optical Engineering, Inopticalsolutions

Ronian Siew is an optical engineering consultant with 20+ years of being a fan of Zemax. He is author of three books in optics and a number of research papers in optical design using Zemax OpticStudio.

Elena Sokolova, Optical Engineer/Designer, RiverD International

Elena Sokolova is a Doctor of Science in Optical Engineering. She has been working in diffraction spectrometers design and development since 1981, including diffraction gratings fabrication, and using ZEMAX since 2001.

S. Subbiah, Chief Executive Officer, Zemax

As the global strategic leader for Zemax, Subbiah is focused on growing Zemax by delivering superior optical simulation software that enables our customers to design optical products and bring them to market faster.

Prior to Zemax, Subbiah most recently held a variety of senior roles over 12 years at ANSYS, including leading Corporate Product Strategy as well as North American Sales and Customer Services. Earlier, Subbiah served as Vice President of U.S. Operations at Fluent Inc. where he played a key role in growing sales via market segmentation. Subbiah loves taking technology products to market, and engaging with customers, R&D teams, and sales teams.

Vadim Vlakhko, Director of Engineering, Dynaoptics

Vadim Vlakhko has Masters Degree from Bauman Miscow State Technical university and has 14 years of experience in optics industry.

Alissa Wilczynski, Director of Customer Success, Zemax

Alissa joined Zemax in 2011 as an analyst providing technical support to Zemax users. Early in her Zemax career, Alissa mastered Radiant Vision Systems’ Imaging Sphere for Scatter and Appearance (ISSA) and goniometric systems to build Zemax’s measured scatter and source model libraries. Over time, Alissa moved into leadership positions and is focused on consistently improving user experience, especially through technical support, user training, onboarding, and online resources. 

Dr. Jeff Wilde, Research Consultant, Stanford University

Dr. Jeff Wilde is an optical technologist with over thirty years of experience developing innovative products for numerous companies, spanning a wide variety of application areas. He also serves as a Research Consultant for Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford University, where he has participated in research on advanced fiber communication technologies, optical superresolution imaging, and helped establish a program on X-ray phase-contrast imaging for security applications. Dr. Wilde has been an active user of Zemax since he purchased his first copy of the software in 1996.