Optomechanical Engineer, Customer Success

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Kirkland, WA, USA (Remote Work)

Optomechanical Engineer Job Overview

Looking for an opportunity to apply your skills with CAD tools and work with customers to support an exciting software product that streamlines the optomechanical design process? 

We are currently recruiting optomechanical engineers with a passion for problem solving, strong interpersonal skills, and a proven ability to climb the learning curve quickly. The ideal candidate will be outgoing and enthusiastic with a solid knowledge of optomechanics. This person will support both internal development and product teams in development of the OpticsBuilder product, as well as external customers to help them achieve success with Zemax products.

The Customer Success team is just that – a team. We benefit from the experience and knowledge that each individual brings to us, and we are looking for someone excited to share their experience working with optomechanics and learn from our other engineers, who have experience in the optical design, analysis, and testing.

Job Description

As an Optomechanical Engineer with the Customer Success team at Zemax, you will be responsible for managing the customer lifecycle from pre- to post-sales. You will build deep technical relationships, working to ensure that our customers are achieving their optomechanical system objectives through use of Zemax software. You will look for opportunities to enhance and expand Zemax's footprint within their business, and develop Zemax advocates. While building relationships with these customers, you will learn of market trends, identify customer use cases, and source software beta testers. You will share the information you gather with Zemax's Customer Success, Product, Sales, and Marketing teams as a means to catalyze improvements to future versions of Zemax software and capture new customers. Along these lines, you will also serve as a subject matter expert and facilitate both internal and customer communications surrounding the challenges customers are facing and solutions to those challenges.

In addition, you will be part of a team of engineers working to ensure that Zemax customers get the information they need, when they need it, with an emphasis on building scalable resources and systems. In this effort, you will create, improve, and maintain Zemax's Knowledgebase (Help center), product documentation, webinars, training courses, and more. When customers can't find the right answer on their own, you will be part of a team delivering high-quality technical support across a broad range of applications and optomechanical systems. You will interact with engineers and scientists who are the foremost experts in their fields, helping them to understand the assumptions, calculations, and use cases for different software functionalities and calculations. While some technical support requests have a straightforward solution, many are complex, requiring a strong background in optomechanical theory and design. In this rewarding position, you'll get to know people all over the world and build your domain expertise. You'll also investigate potential bugs in the software, test new functionality in each new software release, and work directly with our product and development teams to help steer the future direction of our OpticsBuilder product. 

Required Skills & Experience

 To be considered for this opportunity, at a minimum you will possess:

  • Degree in mechanical engineering, optomechanical engineering, or related field (MS preferred)
  • Fluency in English
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Desire to interact with customers, including listening to customer experiences and gathering feedback
  • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to distill problems down to their simplest form

Candidates bringing the following experience will be strongly preferred:

  • 2 - 5 years experience packaging optical systems
  • 3+ years experience using SolidWorks or Creo Parametric
  • Experience using or interfacing with Zemax products
  • Japanese or Chinese language skills

This position includes a competitive salary that consists of a combination of base salary, bonus and great benefits


This position will begin remotely, but will be based in our Kirkland, WA office when we resume office operations. Some travel (10-20%) will be required in the future as we resume office-based operations.


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