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For nearly 30 years, Zemax has been the optical simulation software that engineers from the world's leading brands choose to design and build sophisticated optical products. We are inspired by the enormous scientific milestones our customers achieve with our solutions. With our flagship product, OpticStudio®, NASA designed the cameras on all three Mars Rovers and brought the visually stunning Martian landscape to earth. Our users create next generation laparoscopes and endoscopes that empower surgeons to usher in a new quality of life across the globe. From the sensors in cars that help steer and improve driver safety, to the machine vision systems that ensure assembly lines operate flawlessly at speed, to the augmented display headsets that allow operators to see critical data within their working environment, and to the miniature camera systems that pack a powerful zoom into the corner of your smartphone – sophisticated optics are pervasive, and Zemax powers the innovators that create these amazing products.


Optical Engineer Intern


Direct Report:  Customer Success Team Regional Manager

Job Category: Non -Exempt


Job Summary

As an Optical Engineering Intern at Zemax, you will help Zemax build scalable technical resources for customers and support the Customer Success Team. Your main job will be supporting the improvement and expansion of technical resources within Zemax's online training space, OpticsAcademcy, as well as on the Zemax community forums and knowledgebase. Secondarily, you will work with engineers to test bugs reported in Zemax software and provide technical support through the community forums.

At the conclusion of your internship, you will be considered for available and future full-time positions with Zemax.

Experience Requirements

  • A student's status at a university or recent graduate, studying optics or related fields
  • Experience with Zemax OpticStudio or other optical design programs strongly preferred
  • Proficiency in optical aberration theory, physical optics and illumination preferred

Job Skills & Traits

  • Passion for optics
  • Zemax core values: driven, improve, fun, super smart, honest, problem solver
  • Fluency in English
  • Exceptional written skills
  • Strong investigation skills

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Create high-quality technical information on the Zemax customer portal with efficiency
  • Build working knowledge of OpticStudio
  • Be able to tackle a range of incoming support questions


Zemax proudly offers an environment where each individual has opportunities to work with a diverse group of passionate people to make an impact on the products that are ushering in the next generation of optical innovation.


Any travel involved? No

Any financial/budgetary responsibility? No

Strategic planning responsibilities? No

Number of staff reporting to this position. 0




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