Zemax and Lumerical: Part 1 - From Nano-scale to Macro-scale Optics and Back

Complex optical systems require coupling simulation techniques across multiple length scales for accurate design and tolerancing. Extracting the light from nanoscale emissive structures in illumination systems, or propagating light through a mixture of guided and free space components are just a few examples. Ray tracing approximations break down near the dimension of the wavelength, and electromagnetic approaches are too expensive for larger devices. Traditional methods of linking nanoscale and macro-scale optics required tedious manual file conversions and were prone to error. As a leader in pervasive simulation Ansys seeks to provide solutions to expediate analysis and alleviate challenges in optical design workflows.

In this webinar we will highlight some interoperability tools between Zemax OpticStudio and Ansys Lumerical that enable engineers to efficiently prototype innovative optical systems.

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