What is new in Zemax 21.3

Find out what is new the Zemax 21.3 optical design software release.

This webinar is a must to learn about the latest release of our flagship software, OpticStudio®, the OpticStudio® STAR Module, and OpticsBuilder™.

OpticStudio: Zemax CTO Sanjay Gangadhara will cover the main highlights of our OpticStudio® 21.3 which offers native non-sequential modelling of off-axis conic aspheric mirrors, along with support for better cross-team collaboration with project-based archiving and a more secure file format.

OpticStudio Structural, Thermal, Analysis and Results (STAR) Module: Zemax Product Business Manager Esteban Carbajal will showcase how you can now load FEA data saved in any coordinate system and visualize magnitude vectors from surface deformations.

OpticsBuilder: Zemax Product Business Manager Lisa Clauson will update us on OpticsBuilder™ 21.3. This latest release allows for modification of the position and orientation of Compound and Boolean optical components and lets you visualize sources and detectors in the graphics area of the UI when these elements are selected in Optics Manager.

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