Unleashing the Power of OpticStudio through the ZOS-API

 Unleashing the Power of OpticStudio through the ZOS-API

If one had to use a new software tool to design and analyze every new technology, we'd have hundreds of software tools to acquire, learn, and use to keep up with our own creativity. Fortunately, OpticStudio enables users to express their creativity and stimulate new optical technologies by extending its capabilities with User Defined Surfaces, User Defined Objects, and the ZOS-API. This talk will provide examples of how one can use User Defined Surfaces to create arbitrary surfaces, User Defined Objects to interface with polarization based physics, and the ZOS-API to automate design, optimization, and analyses of complex optical system creating unique analyses to answer top level systems engineering questions.

Join speaker, Dr. Brian Catanzaro, principal and consultant at CFE Services as he shares how you can learn to tackle new types of projects, speed up your design work and improve your results using the API in OpticStudio. Brian will be joined by Dr. Thomas Pickering, Zemax OpticStudio product manager who will also share a few product details to get you started.


Dr. Brian Cantanzaro
Principal and Consultant
CFE Services

Dr. Thomas Pickering
Product Manager

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