TrueFreeForm Optimization for Complex Illumination Systems

TrueFreeForm Optimization for Complex Illumination Systems

In recent years, there has been a growing need for lighting equipment that creates complex, specific illumination and light intensity distributions, such as road surface drawing lamps, aesthetic design lighting, and direct backlighting. Join Katsumoto Ikeda, Principal Optical Engineer at Zemax, as he discusses a design solution that meets the high demand for illumination performance in an efficient configuration, using complex free-form surfaces with the OpticStudio TrueFreeForm model, and direct methods of optimization.


Katsumoto Ikeda joined Zemax in April 2019 and his work consists of research of new OpticsStudio features, technical content on MyZemax, and public/private training of OpticsStudio. He previously worked as the Optical Designer for Nalux Co., Ltd. Katsumoto's design experience includes illuminating systems, imaging systems, scanning systems, and freeform optical surfaces. He has a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics at Queen’s University (Canada) and Ph.D. in Applied Physics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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