Transform the way you bring products to market

Transform the way you bring optical design products to market

Companies are under the gun to shorten development cycles, eliminate material waste, reduce costs and above all, bring high-performing products to market faster and at a lower cost. However, inefficient workflows can paralyze even the most talented engineers on your team. The limiting factor is not the talent of the team but the shortcomings of process, tools and mind-set. To gain a competitive edge, companies are transforming the way their engineering teams use technology to improve collaboration and bring about better business outcomes.

In this webinar speaker, Bob Householder, optics veteran and Key Account Manager at Zemax, shares how innovative companies today are using technology to transform manufacturability from optical design, to mechanical design and build, to manufacturer, in one seamless workflow.


Bob Householder is a 20+ years of experience in the field of optics and holds degrees in optics from Rochester Institute of Technology and Tuft's University. He has concentrated his career in laser and medical optics and LED illumination. Bob is proud to serve leading companies as a Strategic Account Manager for Zemax.

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