Optotune Liquid Lenses Added to Zemax Stock Components

In the past 10 years, liquid lenses have evolved to become a well-established solution for fast and reliable focusing. In this webinar we will discuss common liquid lens architectures, evaluate their performance and show applications in the fields of imaging, laser processing, ophthalmic devices and AR/VR. We will explain how to best integrate the lenses in Zemax optical designs including how to model typical lens aberrations.

Mark Ventura: Mark is electrical engineer and has co-founded Optotune in 2008. As VP Sales & Marketing he has developed the market for liquid lenses with a focus on machine vision. Michael Büeler: Michael holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Optics and is responsible for optical design at Optotune. Employing Optotune’s liquid lenses has designed several focusing, zoom and illumination systems for mobile phone cameras, factory automation and med-tech applications.

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