Optomechanical Workflow with OpticStudio STAR Module, Ansys Mechanical & optiSLang

In this webinar a workshop demonstration from the Ansys WOST conference is rebroadcast. Using Ansys Mechanical and optiSLang in conjunction with Zemax OpticStudio and the OpticStudio STAR Module results in a streamlined and automated workflow. This enables the automated optimization of an optical design while considering structural and thermal loads. For this workflow, the new OpticStudio Structural, Thermal, Analysis & Results (STAR) module is utilized to load structural and thermal FEA datasets into OpticStudio and assess the impact to the optical performance.

The integration within Ansys optiSLang enables variation analysis for evaluation and optimization of optical and mechanical parameters simultaneously without manual interaction. This culminates into a more streamlined workflow that helps users simulate and optimize optomechanical systems prior to building the first mechanical prototype.

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