OpticStudio-OpticsBuilder Interoperability in Design of Optical Spectrometer

Join Mojtaba Falahati, Senior Application Engineer, as he explores the optical-optomechanical design cycle for lens-grating-lens spectrometers using commercially available optical elements and describes how Zemax tools enable a joint workflow to turn optical designs into reality. Optical spectrometers are instruments to measure the intensity of light as a function of wavelength. OpticStudio simulates the spectrometer setup, improves, and optimizes the optical design, and converts the optimized model to a CAD friendly format.

Then, mechanical packaging using off-the-shelf components can be efficiently implemented in OpticsBuilder while accessing the live optics. Interoperability between OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder streamlines the design process by:

  • Effective communication between optical and mechanical designers as they navigate the design changes.

  • Real-time visualization of impact on optical performance while designing optomechanics.

  • Detecting costly errors early in the design process.

  • Hassle-free export to OpticStudio for advanced analysis.

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