Modeling a Flash Lidar System Using Optical-Optomechanical Zemax Workflow

In the consumer electronics space, engineers leverage lidar for several functions, such as facial recognition and 3D mapping. Obtaining three-dimensional spatial data for use in a small-form package has caused this solid-state solution to become more commonplace in consumer electronics products, such as smart phones and tablets.

In this webinar, we explore the optomechanical design of a flash lidar system using an Ansys Zemax workflow to turn an optical design into reality. We will take a lidar system created in OpticStudio and implement mechanical packaging on the optical design using OpticsBuilder. This workflow enables improved communication between optical and mechanical designers as they navigate design changes and assess impact on optical performance while introducing optomechanics. It also allows designers to detect costly errors early in the design process and export the full optomechanical design back to OpticStudio seamlessly.

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