LightPath Laser Collimating Optics Using Zemax OpticStudio

Laser collimation is a key part of many optical systems for modern applications, such as LiDAR.  High powered lasers present even more challenges to the material selection and design of these collimators. In addition, optical designers must keep in mind practical aspects of manufacturability, cost reduction and volume scalability using state-of-the art processes such as precision glass molding (PGM), freeforms optics, and fused-fiber collimators (FFC). 

During this webinar, Jeremy Huddleston will discuss some of the applications and trade-offs of various collimating lens technologies, along with design rules for manufacturability. Chris Normanshire will then discuss some of the latest tools within OpticStudio that allow designers to more easily and effectively address these design challenges. 


Jeremy Huddleston
Manager,Optical Engineering Solutions
LightPath Technologies

Chris Normanshire
Industry Customer
Success Manager
Zemax, LLC

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