Industry Insights: 3D Printed Optics

Industry Insights: 3D Printed Optics

Hear from Zemax CTO, Sanjay Gangadhara, Photonics Finland Executive Director, Juha Purmonen and Upnano Head of Global Sales Henrik Akesson, as they discuss exciting innovations in the field of 3D Printed Optics.

Juha will highlight how Photonics Finland members are developing groundbreaking new technologies with the help of optical design tools. Sanjay and Juha will discuss current trends in the application of 3D Printed Optics and the growing role these components are playing in manufacturing, as they provide innovative ways of getting optics prototypes rapidly available: speed, cost-efficiency and flexibility are the key drivers behind the process.

Sanjay and Juha will also look towards future opportunities for 3D Printed Optics in the next generation of optics and photonics products. There is no better time to look for continued innovation – you don’t want to miss this conversation!

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