Designing Cell phone Camera Lenses with an Interoperability Workflow – Part 1

The cell phone market has experienced rapid growth over the past two decades. Cell phones improving significantly on a yearly basis, part of that evolution are also the camera lenses of the cell phones. With image quality reaching higher levels than ever, it also has become more important to have a more efficient and stable workflow to design such camera lenses. With the interoperability of the Ansys Zemax products, this design workflow can be applied in a highly efficient and dynamic way. In this first part of the Designing Cell phone Camera Lenses with an Interoperability workflow webinar series, Sandrine Auriol and Flurin Herren are presenting how to design the optical system of a Cell phone Camera lens from an Apple Inc. patent with Zemax OpticStudio using a Q-type Aphere surface approach and the Optomechanical Packaging with Zemax OpticsBuilder in Creo Parametric including the validation of the optical performance.

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