Success Story

OPTIX JSC accelerates time-to-build and streamlines design scheme development with OpticsBuilder and OpticStudio

OPTIX JSC uses OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder optical design software to meet optical design requirements enabling them to stay competitive and keep pace with the industry trends toward shorter production cycles.

Throughout the optics manufacturing industry, pressure is mounting to shorten development cycles without sacrificing quality. In a rapidly changing marketplace, competitive pressure forces companies to change production methods and find ways to improve collaboration that decreases time-to-build while maintaining or improving product quality. 

Recently OPTIX JSC found itself in just this position. Optical designers and optomechanical engineers at OPTIX JSC combined their skills to create excellent results, but their workflow needed improvement. Read this customer success story to learn how OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder were used by OPTIX JSC to stay competitive, keep pace with the industry trends toward shorter production cycles and to help them safely and intuitively streamline their design and development workflows. 

OPTIX JSC designs, produces, and markets a series of thermal imaging and night vision devices, day scopes, and integrated systems for strategic surveillance and security. The company offers a portfolio of innovative solutions for the sectors of security, nature protection, sport's hunting optics, medicine, and industrial applications. OPTIX JSC follows certified quality standards, making them the preferable partner for optical, mechanical, and electronic assemblies and elements.

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