Jan 8, 2020

Zemax is taking the stage at Photonics West

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Photonics West is coming to San Francisco, CA this February, and we’re excited to not only have a booth, but to have many Zemax engineers attending and sharing their expertise. We will be hosting three invited paper talks, a product demo and a workshop. For those attending Photonics West, all talks, demos and workshops are included with a paid conference pass. Don’t miss these interactive sessions discussing case studies and innovations, as well as hands-on learning experiences.

Here is a summary of what Zemax has in store for Photonics West:

Invited Paper Talks:
OpticStudio TrueFreeformTM optimization for complex illumination systems– authors: Katsumoto Ikeda, Zemax Japan and Shawn Gay, Zemax; Date: Monday, February 3, 2020; Time: 5:20pm – 5:40pm

This session is especially helpful for those designing lighting equipment that creates complex, specific illumination and light intensity distributions. Join Katsumoto as he discusses a new design solution that meets the high demand for illumination performance in a simpler configuration, using complex free-form surfaces with the OpticStudio TrueFreeform™ model. He will also be showing an example comparing performance between conventional parametric design and the TrueFreeform method of design.

Next Generation Optical Design Methodology – author: Alessandra Croce, Zemax Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom). Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020; Time: 8:30am – 8:50am

During this session, Alessandra will demonstrate how bringing the effects of tolerance defects into the optimization step, through the OpticStudio High Yield tool, can result in systems with higher as-built performance at potentially lower cost. She will present a case study showing the utility of this technique on a high performance imaging system.

Self-consistent analysis of the structural, thermal, and optical performance of a steering prism pair – authors: Vladimir A. Smagley, Erin M. Elliott, Uday Mathur, Sanjay Gangadhara, Michael Humphreys, Zemax. Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020; Time: 9:50am – 10:10am

Join us as we present the structural/thermal/optical performance (STOP) analysis of a system that contains a pair of steering prisms that can be clocked with respect to one another to steer a beam over a range of angles. A self-consistent analysis of this system requires iteration between the structural, thermal, and optical models, which we will do using the Zemax OpticStudio STOP module coupled to thermal and structural FEA solvers.

Product Demo:
Get to market faster with OpticsBuilder from Zemax – presented by Lisa Clauson, Zemax. Date: Tuesday, 4 February 2020; Time: 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Lisa will give you a preview of Zemax’s newest product, OpticsBuilder and show how it streamlines your workflows, getting your product to market faster with lower costs. She will also demonstrate how you can automatically create optical CAD drawings, measure optical performance and easily export your files using OpticsBuilder.

How to Design and Package a Maksutov Telescope Using OpticStudio and a New Solution from Zemaxpresented by Lisa Clauson, Associate Product Manager, Zemax, Esteban Carbajal, Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer, Zemax, LLC (United States). Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020; Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Learn how Zemax is improving the engineering design process for all members of an optical design team with OpticStudio and Zemax’s new solution, OpticsBuilder. This talk will provide awareness and understanding of the tools Zemax provides to streamline engineering design workflow and give time back to the engineers.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Optimize a sequential design in OpticStudio for conversion to non-sequential mode
  • Prepare the file for CAD
  • Load an optical design into SOLIDWORKS
  • Package your optics with accurate geometry
  • Run a stray light analysis with optomechanical components
  • Analyze, and validate your complete optomechanical design
  • Create an optical drawing in seconds

        Check out the Photonics West schedule for more information about each session, including location and time. We’d love to connect to chat about what you’re working on and how Zemax may streamline your workflow and get your optical product designs to market faster. We’ll be showing off the latest features and functionality of our products and are happy to schedule one-on-one demos. Stop by our booth, number 1259, to schedule an appointment.

        We look forward to seeing you at Photonics West!