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Oct 5, 2021

Find Out What is Happening at Zemax this Fall/Winter!

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Don't Miss Zemax Optical Design Software Events this Fall/Winter!

Zemax has a full calendar of events to keep you busy this fall and winter! Join us for Envision South East Asia 2021 or attend one of our informative webinars!

Zemax Envision 2021: 

Envision South East Asia 2021: 19 October 2021 (GMT) - Register Now!
Zemax Envision 2021 continues to bring our community together to share ideas and learn best practices from each other. Think innovation, valuable insights, and hands-on learning – all from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can expect to learn the latest trends and techniques in optical design from both Zemax power users and staff members.


What's new in Zemax 21.3 - Product Webinar
October 14, 2021
6:00am & 11:00am PDT

This webinar is a must to learn about the latest release of our flagship software, OpticStudio®, the OpticStudio® STAR Module, and OpticsBuilder™.

OpticStudio: Zemax CTO Sanjay Gangadhara will cover the main highlights of our OpticStudio® 21.3 which offers native non-sequential modelling of off-axis conic aspheric mirrors, along with support for better cross-team collaboration with project-based archiving and a more secure file format.

OpticStudio Structural, Thermal, Analysis and Results (STAR) Module: Zemax Product Business Manager Esteban Carbajal will showcase how you can now load FEA data saved in any coordinate system and visualize magnitude vectors from surface deformations.

OpticsBuilder: Zemax Product Business Manager Lisa Clauson will update us on OpticsBuilder™ 21.3. This latest release allows for modification of the position and orientation of Compound and Boolean optical components and lets you visualize sources and detectors in the graphics area of the UI when these elements are selected in Optics Manager. 

Range-Compensating Lens: Applications to LiDAR
October 21, 2021
6:00am & 11:00am PDT

Join Adam Phenis, CEO, AMP Optics, LLC and Jason Mudge Principal, Golden Gate Light Optimization, LLC as they delve into the details of the analysis to analytically design a LiDAR sensor using an RCL to flatten the signal return with respect to range. Further details on the techniques of the optical design modeling will be presented.

Contrast Optimization: A Faster and Better Method for Optimizing System MTF
October 28, 2021
6:00am & 11:00am PDT

During this presentation Zemax Senior Optical Engineer, Hui Chen discusses Contrast Optimization, which targets the best MTF response at a desired spatial frequency, useful for extended images with cutoff frequencies set by the detectors. Optimizing directly on the MTF value is slow, difficult, and often fails. Contrast Optimization increases the MTF in a much more robust way and is just as fast as optimizing on the RMS wavefront.

Straylight Analysis for Head Up Display
November 18, 2021
6:00am & 11:00am PDT

In this webinar, we will first briefly introduce tools for the HUD design in sequential mode and then focus on the straylight analysis. It will be discussed how to reversely trace rays in order to efficiently analyze the sun straylight paths. We will explain how to set up each light sources with correct brightness. Finally, an API Analysis tool is provided to users that can synthesize the images of both forward and backward ray-tracing.

Simulating Image Quality in OpticStudio
December 2, 2021
6:00am & 11:00am PDT
Registration Opening Soon!

We hope to see you at one of these programs this month and be sure to visit our Upcoming Events Page for new updates.