Jan 26, 2021

Zemax appoints Dorothy Pults as Chief Product Marketing Officer

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Zemax, the global leader in optical product design software, today announced that Dorothy Pults has joined the company as the Chief Product Marketing Officer. Dorothy Pults brings a rich history of leading engineering, product, and marketing teams to deliver disruptive technology solutions to emerging markets. At Zemax, Pults will focus the product and marketing teams to continue to develop product advancements that allow Zemax users to drive the optics industry forward. Pults has most recently served as the Vice President of Product Management at the workforce scheduling startup Shiftboard.  

“Dorothy is one of only a few executives that profoundly understands how to drive growth through a cohesive product and marketing strategy,” said Dr. S. Subbiah, CEO of Zemax. “Under her leadership, she will define how Zemax continues to meet the needs of our existing users, while also developing disruptive technologies for emerging applications. She has repeatedly proven herself as a successful leader and has chosen a perfect time to join the executive team to drive a collection of new Zemax solutions to market.”

Ranging from long-established technology companies to burgeoning startups, Dorothy Pults has spent two decades leading engineering, product, and marketing teams to collaborate around the vision of the future, while maintaining the needs of today. Across a variety of leadership roles, Pults has specialized in a customer-centric model that integrates product strategy with marketing tactics to deliver exciting new product developments to new and long-time customers. Continually overachieving, her successes have won her multiple awards, while also amounting to exceeding revenue targets and company growth.

“I am excited to join the dedicated executive leadership team at Zemax,” said Dorothy Pults, CPMO of Zemax. “What I find most compelling about Zemax is its customers. Zemax users are responsible for so many of the innovations we take for granted day-in and day-out. From the phone in my pocket to the telescopes probing the depths of space, Zemax users are continually building the future of optics and redefining how we interact with the world around us. It is truly a privilege to work for such a loyal and innovative customer base.”

About Zemax

Zemax’s industry-leading optical product design and simulation software, OpticStudio®, OpticsBuilder™, and OpticsViewer™, helps optical, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering teams turn their ideas into reality. Standardizing on Zemax software reduces design iterations and repeated prototypes, speeding time to market and reducing development costs. Zemax is headquartered in the Kirkland, Washington and has offices in the UK, Japan, Taiwan, and China. For more information: www.Zemax.com