Mar 2, 2020

Webinar: Join us to learn six ways OpticsViewer boosts manufacturability

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Learn six ways OpticsViewer boosts manufacturability

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To bring an optical product to market quickly and cost-effectively requires a concerted team effort. However, the standalone tools used by optical designers and manufacturing engineers are not well-integrated, and the inefficiencies that result can cause schedule delays and cost overruns. OpticsViewer from Zemax works in conjunction with OpticsBuilder to eliminate these challenges by providing a common language from design to build. Zemax Senior Product Manager Thomas Pickering will showcase our new product for manufacturing engineers in an upcoming webinar titled “Six ways OpticsViewer improves optical product manufacturing.” Please join us on 10th of March, with four time options, so you can select the session that works in your time zone.

Discover how OpticsViewer can help streamline your design-to-manufacturing workflow

OpticStudio provides everything optical engineers need to design quality optical systems. However, when designs are exported, not all vital information is included. As a result, manufacturing engineers don’t have all the data they need to troubleshoot and analyze whether an optical system can meet manufacturing, budget, and time requirements.

OpticsViewer solves this problem by enabling manufacturing engineers and engineering managers to view comprehensive design files from OpticStudio without loss of precision or information.

You’re invited to the “Six ways OpticsViewer improves optical product manufacturing” webinar – 10th of March

Dr. Thomas Pickering, Zemax senior product manager, will introduce how OpticsViewer bridges the gap between the optical design and manufacturing process. Key topics include how OpticsViewer lets you avoid manufacturing errors, fine-tune parameters to meet specs, and access real-time cost estimates. The 30-minute event will also include plenty of time for Q&A.

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