Jul 29, 2019

Upcoming talk: The pros and cons of using GPUs in optical design

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SPIE Optics + Photonics

If you’re attending SPIE Optics + Photonics August 11-15 at the San Diego Convention Center, join Zemax Computational Physicist Brian Mischuck for his talk called Application of GPUs in Optical Design Software. 

Talk details

During the talk, Brian will present an overview of the pros and cons of using GPUs in optical design software. While GPUs can run multiple calculations in parallel, that parallelization comes with a price. Brian will discuss the trade-offs that allow GPUs to run up to thousands of cores in parallel and how those trade-offs effect the use of GPUs in optical design software. In particular, he will review the use of GPUs in several steps of design calculations, including ray tracing and computationally expensive steps such as calculating Huygens integrals.

Monday, August 12, 2019
San Diego Convention Center 
Room 9
8:50 – 9:10 a.m.

About the presenter 
Brian Mischuck has been a computational physicist at Zemax since 2015, working on adding the most innovative capabilities to company’s flagship product. Previously, he worked as a system developer at SymbioVR. 

Brian has a PhD in optical sciences and engineering from the University of New Mexico and did post-doctoral research in theoretical physics at Aarhus University in Denmark. Both focused on theoretical control of the dynamics of quantum systems. 

About the event
According to conference organizers, SPIE Optics + Photonics is the largest multidisciplinary optical sciences meeting in North America, with talks about optical engineering and applications, nanotechnology, quantum science, organic photonics, and astronomical instrumentation. “This event offers innovative technologies to help industry, academia, and government find better ways to preserve our environment, understand and develop new photonics technologies, and discuss emerging applications for optics and photonics.”

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