Jul 30, 2019

Top four ways having multiple instances of OpticStudio improves design efficiencies

Category: Product News

Since the latest release, OpticStudio users on a subscription license can now run up to eight independent instances at once. Until recently, the maximum number of instances was just two. Now, OpticStudio users with a subscription license can utilize up to 4 instances on our Professional plan and up to 8 instances on our Premium plan. Associate Product Manager Akil Bhagat says customers are reporting that multiple instances are already helping them deliver stronger design solutions, faster.

Following are four reasons why customers are raving about having multiple instances of OpticStudio: 

1. Explore and analyze different design solutions 

The number one reason customers are excited about the ability to open more than two instances of OpticStudio is the ability to explore and analyze different design solutions. Often there are several different approaches to the same problem. With multiple instances, you can have up to eight versions of the same file open at the same time to explore and analyze which solution works best. Akil says, “Think of a decision tree in which you start with a few different points, and slowly iterate all of them until some versions have a good solution.”

Decision tree 


2. A system design is only as good as the sum of its parts

We’ve all heard the saying the whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. Applying this approach to optical design, different elements impact each other and the system. Often individual sections of a product are designed independently to be connected later, so being able to have the other sections open for reference is very helpful. Users want to be able to view different files that are involved in different parts of a single product design—and they can now, with multiple instances. 

3. Get more from a powerful computer

You got budget approval for that super powerful computer; now, how do you get the most out of it?  With an OpticStudio Premium subscription, customers with powerful computers can open up to eight unique instances, controlling each with the ZOS-API while running different tasks simultaneously. Who wants to wait for their computer to process each task independently when you can do it all at once?

4. Personal preference

When you spend eight or more hours in front of the computer, having your software be flexible to work the way you want to work is vital. While it may seem trivial, we often hear from customers that sometimes they simply don’t want to save something or keep track of changes in a specific file. Instead of closing the file they’re in, they just want to open new files to look at something else in the design. Multiple instances allows them to do this. 

If you already have an OpticStudio license, but it does not support these added instances, we can work with you to migrate over to the subscription offering that will work best for you. To take advantage of multiple instances of OpticStudio, contact Sales@Zemax.com today.