May 11, 2020

Tobii Tech meets the demands of next-generation Mixed Reality (MR)

Category: Product News
Tobii Tech meets the demands of next-generation Mixed Reality (MR)

We were recently joined by Fredrik Mattinson, Optronics, Senior Developer at Tobii Tech, to discuss eye tracking for the next generation MR systems. During his educational webinar, Design “Eye Cube” – An Unobtrusive Eye Tracking Camera for Next-Generation Extended Reality, Fredrik discusses the challenges faced by MR engineers, and how he has tackled these challenges with as his current project, the “Eye Cube”.

As the next generation MR headsets get more compact, it decreases the space available for the eye tracking system itself. Fredrik’s solution, the “Eye Cube,” is the first unobtrusive millimeter optical design for NIR camera module that uses Wafer Level Optics cameras to capture eye tracking. 

Fredrik takes a technical look at eye tracking, how to judge camera performance for optimal user experience, as well as the testing needed to ensure the best results. He discusses how he ran system tolerance analysis in OpticStudio with Monte Carlo simulations, and how he measured the Wafer Level Optics tolerances and the overall accuracy of the camera to determine if the resolution met eye-tracking requirements for optimal results.

Whether you’re working on AR/VR/MR yourself or are just curious how this next-level tech is made, you don’t want to miss this presentation. Watch the webinar and read the customer story for additional information.

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