Jul 12, 2019

Three presentations not to be missed at Envision USA 2019


If you haven’t yet signed up for this year’s Zemax Envision conference happening in Boston October 9-11, 2019, register today! Our just-revealed agenda is full of presentations from leaders in optics across diverse industries. Here are three spotlight talks you don’t want to miss:

A New Method for Designing Optical Systems
Speaker: Ken Moore, Founder and Technical Fellow, Zemax
The conventional design approach is to maximize the nominal performance of the design, and then as a separate step, add fabrication tolerances. This presentation will introduce a better approach. The method uses optimization of ray angles to reduce sensitivity to tolerance defects. Design examples will show that optimization using the new method yields designs that may have inferior nominal performance but superior as-built performance.
Practical but not Perfect—Design Approach for Successful Optoelectronic Product Development
Speaker: Apurva Jain, Senior Director of Engineering, Lumotive
Anyone who has developed and launched an optoelectronic product knows that “optics is king” and dictates the system requirements. However, almost always the success of that product equally hinges on other competing factors—schedule, manufacturability, robustness, and cost. Jain will highlight the importance of developing practical, not necessarily perfect, optical designs to successfully convert concepts to manufacturable products in the fewest iterations, traversing the world of trade-offs that every optical designer is challenged with using Jain’s experiences in developing 25+ optoelectronic products over the last five years as examples.
From Earth to Pluto and Beyond
Speaker: Michael Davis, Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute
Southwest Research Institute has more than 20 years of experience designing and developing ultraviolet spectrographs for spaceflight. OpticStudio has been a key tool in design, tolerancing, thermal analysis, and stray/scattered light analysis. The basic design of Southwest Research Institute’s ultraviolet spectrograph will be discussed, along with how OpticStudio has been used to refine and improve performance. Flight results will be presented, along with expectations of future results.
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