Oct 11, 2022

The October 2022 Community Newsletter is Now Available!

Category: Company News

Our Zemax Community is a gathering place for all things optics. Within this community, you will be able to learn more about your Zemax products and chat with other industry professionals about the latest trends. 

The monthly Community Newsletter provides updates on items you might find interesting or helpful from the last month! In each edition, we call out forum posts you may have missed, new Knowledgebase articles, and honor a Zemax user who has made a contribution to their peers. Here are a couple highlights from the October edition:

Featured Community Post: Converters

We have seen many requests on the support this month about the ZBF file. ZBF stands for Zemax Beam File. That file describes an array of electric fields and can be used as an input or output for the Physical Optics Propagation (POP) analysis. We are working on codes to create ZBF files, but some interesting posts already exist!  Have a look.

Knowledgebase Updates

Looking for information on the design, analyses, and manufacturability of a cell phone camera lens module in OpticStudio? Our amazing team of technical experts have just added two new articles to our Knowledgebase that address this topic! 

Articles in our Knowledgebase are offered in Chinese, English and Japanese and we are continually adding new content.

All of this is waiting for you in the Zemax Community. What are you waiting for? Join now!