Aug 10, 2022

OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder are Now Part of the Ansys Family!

Category: Product News

Last year, Zemax became part of Ansys. Today, we’re pleased to announce that our industry-leading optical design solutions are now available under the following Ansys product names:

Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder

Both products are the same great, revolutionary technologies you’ve come to know and love. Only the names and the licensing model have been adjusted.

What to know:

  • Both Ansys Zemax OpticStudio and Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder are available for purchase under Paid Up (Perpetual) and Lease (Subscription) licensing, and the Perpetual and Subscription versions of these products will have identical feature sets.

  • There are no changes to the current product tiers for Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder.

  • Current licenses of Zemax OpticStudio and Zemax OpticsBuilder will continue to function for those legacy products, but cannot be used to access the new Ansys Zemax products.

  • The final version of Zemax OpticStudio and Zemax OpticsBuilder with new functionality will be released in January 2023, with service packs for both products continuing to be released through the end of 2023.

Visit the to see an overview of these products and learn about their latest capabilities and features!