Dec 16, 2019

NEW: Learning Paths on MyZemax

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Zemax Introduces Optical Design Software Learning Paths

At Zemax, we care about customer success. We want our customers, across the full range of optical systems and applications, to get the most out of their Zemax software. Earlier this year, we launched MyZemax, our new customer portal where customers on support can access our Knowledgebase, community forums and support. And more recently, we added Learning Paths—self-guided tutorials.

From beginners to more advanced users, we currently offer four Learning Paths:

  • Imaging system fundamentals (OpticStudio)
    Learn the key steps in imaging system design—discover how to set-up, analyze, optimize, and tolerance a simple imaging system in OpticStudio’s sequential mode. You’ll also find out how to export your system to CAD and output an ISO 10110 compliant drawing for manufacture.

  • Illumination Systems Fundamentals (OpticStudio)
    Learn the basics, from theory and concepts to design methods and forms, specific to illumination design. Get the essentials on how to create a new non-sequential system in OpticStudio, such as setting up system properties, inserting objects and setting parameters, identifying common errors, and exporting optical ray data and how to export a lens to CAD.

  • Getting Started with ZOS-API (OpticStudio)
    For more advanced users, get up to speed quickly on how to use our ZOS-API to create or modify optical systems and extract data from OpticStudio. Practical exercises teach you how to create an application, how to create a user operand, and more. Explore different modes and get some “tips and tricks” to help you become an expert in no time.

  • Getting Started with OpticsViewer
    OpticsViewer enables manufacturing engineers and engineering managers to easily view comprehensive design files to ensure optical systems meet manufacturing requirements—without having to purchase additional OpticStudio licenses. Discover how to view optical performance, prescription, and manufacturing data in OpticsViewer. Master commons workflows that will let you access the information you and your team need, when you need it.

We will continue to roll out new Learning Paths over time, so check back every so often.

Looking for hands-on training? Check out our OpticStudio training schedule for 2020, or learn more about Private Training.

If you are current on your Subscription or Support, you may access these Learning Paths on MyZemax. If you are current on Support, but haven’t done so yet, register on MyZemax today!