Mar 10, 2021

New and exciting training courses now offered through Zemax OpticsAcademy

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Increase your knowledge of illumination & stray light, get CPD credits and more!

At Zemax OpticsAcademy, we are continuously looking for ways to enrich our education programs with exciting and relevant courses. This winter, we are pleased to have added a new course: Illumination & Stray Light learning plan. In addition, our popular Laser & Fiber learning plan is still available and open for registration. Now is a great time to increase your knowledge of these popular subjects.

Enhance your non-sequential mode skills in Zemax OpticStudio

Our Illumination & Stray Light learning plan walks you through how to design illumination systems and run stray light analyses in OpticStudio. Over 7 courses (plus 2 additional courses for the getting started course and the final exam), you will learn how to:

  • Model and analyze the performance of an illumination system in OpticStudio 
  • Build merit functions to optimize system performance and tolerance it
  • Build a complex object
  • Run a Stray Light Analysis

Sign-up today.

Take modelling laser beams to a new level

Learn how to model and analyze the performance of simple Gaussian beam propagation sequential systems in OpticStudio in our Laser & Fiber Learning Plan. This two-course series reviews different methods to simulate lasers and fibers using the sequential mode of OpticStudio. During this course you will also learn how to identify fiber coupling sensitivities using the universal plot, get familiar with usage of Zemax OpticStudio Physical Optics Propagation capabilities (POP), and more. Register now.

Certification and CPD accreditation

Once you have completed a learning plan, we will email you a certificate of completion, as well as aLinkedIn certificate link. In addition, some of our learning plans offer CPD credits, and you will get a CPD Certificate of Attendance once completing a designated course. These credits and your attendance will counttowards your formal CPD requirements.

Register today, start learning on your schedule

These online courses can be taken on your schedule. Sign-up today, but follow a timeline that works best for you. Your purchase give you access to the online training platform for 30 calendar days. We offer CPD for some of our courses, so you can sharpen your optics skills while gaining credits.

Check out these and all our offerings to find the education plan that best suits your needs.