Mar 18, 2021

New! 3-part webinar series aimed to get your products from concept to market faster!

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Optical design teams need to get products to market while demand is high, and competition is low. While the process for taking designs to production are not mysterious, they are often not well understood and left for engineers to learn on the job.

To help design teams avoid unexpected errors, we are presenting a three-part webinar series hosted by Kenny Rains, Technical Sales & Manufacturing Engineer at LaCroix Precision Optics, to help enable teams to get their products to market faster! We kick things off by teaching users how to draw an ISO 10110 print and achieve a rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate using the [LaCroix Precision Optics] Cost Estimator all within OpticStudio. The second session will explain what information is required to get a quote and detail the typical ordering process. The final session goes further into the various manufacturing processes and demonstrate how you can scale your optics products from prototypes to volume production.

Webinar series details

Join Zemax and LaCroix Precision Optics on the first Wednesday of the next three months at 8:00 AM PDT for this exciting new webinar series!


Worried you might not be able to make a session? Do not worry – we have you covered! Register for all three and we will send you a link to the recording if you cannot make the live webinar.

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