Aug 25, 2021

Introducing OpticStudio Short-term Licenses: Available now on our Website

Category: Product News
Introducing OpticStudio Short-term Licenses

Zemax is pleased to announce that we are now offering short-term licenses for OpticStudio purchasable on a self-serve basis through eCommerce on our website.

What is an OpticStudio short-term license?

New from Zemax, OpticStudio short-term licenses offer time-limited access to the current version of OpticStudio for a month at a time. These subscription licenses are suitable for optical engineers with short-term needs (smaller optical design projects, temporary need for additional seats at an enterprise to handle a “surge” in workloads, training courses, or just personal projects). Short-term licenses are best for users with projects expected to last for 1 to 3 months and offer access to the latest version of OpticStudio at a considerably lower cost and flexibility compared to an annual, renewable subscription commitment.  This could be attractive to startups, consultants, or optical engineers with an occasional need for OpticStudio.

How do I purchase an OpticStudio short-term license?

Customers with short-term license needs can now purchase short-term single-user licenses through eCommerce on our OpticStudio product page.  This is a credit card-only system. You will want to scroll down the page and then click “Buy Monthly”. This will add the license to the shopping cart. You then open the shopping cart and fill out the form including your credit card information. Your order will be submitted, and you will hear back from our order processing team within one business day. You will then download the software and use the license key provided by our order processing team. At the end of the license period, you will no longer be able to use OpticStudio.

Can I start short-term and extend my license for a longer period?

Short-term licenses have an auto-renew option at checkout. If you enable the auto-renew, your credit card will be charged monthly, and your license will renew each month. If you want to extend your license into an annual subscription or cancel your auto-renewal, contact us.

How do I get support?

Short-term licenses include access to our product documentation, knowledge base articles, and community forums to help answer your questions. If you can’t find answers through this documentation, you will be able to access support by logging into