Jun 3, 2019

Introducing MyZemax: our new customer portal

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Introducing MyZemax: our new customer portal
MyZemax is the new hub for our customers to get everything they need to optimize their experience with Zemax software. Customers who are current on Support can sign in to access the Knowledgebase, online support, product downloads, and community forums.


We always want our customers to get the most out of OpticStudio and LensMechanix; so, we’re excited to share our new portal to help you maximize your optical product design experience. Here are six things you’ll find on MyZemax.

  1. Knowledgebase
    The Knowledgebase contains all the information you need to get started with Zemax software, to learn intermediate and advanced techniques, and to troubleshoot common issues. You’ll find tips to install your software, activate your license, and start using Zemax tools. Plus, we offer application-specific examples.

  2. Community forums
    The forums give you the opportunity to engage in discussions with other Zemax software users. They’re a place to swap ideas and have meaningful conversations around design challenges you face. On our forums, no question is too big or too small. Customers have the freedom to ask product and design-related questions in a no-stress environment and hear from other power users.

  3. Product downloads
    If you’re looking for the current version of OpticStudio and LensMechanix, go to our download center. You can also access release notes, help manuals, and other information like system requirements, licensing policies, and more.

  4. Scheduled phone support
    MyZemax includes a scheduling tool to schedule a phone call with one of our support engineers. You pick the date and time, then provide information that will give our team insight into your issue. You can attach files for our reference as well. We’re available to keep your team moving forward when you get stuck in your design or analysis.

  5. Online support
    Our team of optical and mechanical engineers is available to answer questions about installation, customization, applications, and more. You can open a new technical support case on MyZemax and send us the file you’re working on, so we can help you through any rough patches. Our Customer Success team offers support 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday from our engineering teams in the US, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan.

  6. Consultants
    There are times when employing a consultant is a better use of resources than undertaking a design yourself. Zemax does not offer design consulting services because we concentrate solely on developing our software and supporting Zemax users. MyZemax provides a list of Zemax users who work on a consulting basis and may be able to assist you. 

If you are current on Support, register today!