Oct 20, 2020

International Day of Photonics

Category: Company News
In celebration of the International Day of Photonics, we here at Zemax would like to take a moment and recognize the amazing things our users are doing within our industry. From autonomous vehicles, to space travel; AR/VR headsets to developing some of the largest freeforms ever known to man, Zemax users are changing the world for the better!

In celebration of our groundbreaking users, we want to highlight some of our top webinars from this year that showcase this work. We hope you enjoy these stories and help us to celebrate the International Day of Photonics!

From Earth to Pluto and Beyond
Dr. Michael Davis, Staff Scientist at Southwest Research Institute

Get ready to blast-off into space with OpticStudio! Join Dr. Michael Davis, Staff Scientist at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), and learn about SwRI’s design and development of ultraviolet spectrographs for spaceflight. See how OpticStudio has been a key tool in the design, tolerancing, thermal analysis, and stray/scattered light analysis, as well as used to refine and improve performance. Dr. Davis will present flight results, along with expectations of future results.

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Design “Eye Cube” – An Unobtrusive Eye Tracking Camera for Next-Generation Extended Reality (XR) Headsets
Fredrik Mattinson, Senior Developer of Optronics, Tobii Tech

Stay up-to-speed on the latest Mixed Reality (MR) innovations, including the custom developed non-intrusive eye-tracking camera “Eye-Cube” headsets with cameras based on a Wafer Level Optics design. During this session, Fredrik Mattinson, Senior Developer Optronics at Tobii Tech, will discuss the challenges with eye tracking for the next generation MR-headset and discuss possible ways to solve it. The emphasize will then be on the non-intrusive eye tracking camera – Eye Cube as a possible way to meet tomorrow's demands these MR headsets. He will also touch on the manufactured and package camera with a size less than 1 mm2.

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Dear Designers: How to design an asphere that can be made
Brandon Light, Corporate Engineer, Optimax

During this webinar, you will learn the basic concepts of how to specify, manufacture, and measure aspheres. In addition, Brandon will walk you through the top three ways to communicate the shape of your asphere and the importance of specifying and tolerancing – from the form to the sag table. Get answers on how to not exceed metrology limits and hear some of the top question’s manufacturers get from optical designers and engineers.

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