Sep 20, 2020

Hidden Expenses of CAD Time

Category: Product News

Most optical design teams have learned to accept their current workflow inefficiencies as the cost of doing business. When compared to the high cost of optical engineers, CAD time is often overlooked. Few realize the true costs of maintaining status quo when new technology is available to automate tedious tasks, improve optomechanical packaging, and dramatically streamline the overall optomechanical design workflow.

There are several variables that organizations need to consider with CAD time: The Labor, time and talent are key.  There are additional variables to consider, a good portion of CAD work is manual and tedious which often results in errors.  Errors lead to back and forth communication and if it is not handled timely, it may require complete product reworks.  Maintaining security is another consideration as design files often contain intellectual property and are shared over open communication channels like email or chat applications which is vulnerable to hackers. 

There is a myth that CAD time is cheap, without considering the variables, it could lead to inefficiencies and hidden costs.  Most optical design teams would like to learn how to:

Eliminate costs due to manual, error-prone workflows 

Automate tedious tasks while viewing improved design analytics 

Speed up time-to-market through improved team collaboration

    How do you avoid the hidden costs?  Join Lisa Clauson, Zemax Product Manager, for a webinar as she explores the hidden costs of traditional workflows that bring optical designs to a finished product.  

    In this webinar she discusses the common optical design workflows and perceptions related to CAD resourcing. She describes how many teams think about CAD time and what they often get wrong. She then examines how these wrong perceptions lead to many companies to adopt inefficient workflows. Once the workflow challenges are understood, Lisa finishes her presentation by explaining how technology can help design teams transform their existing workflow barriers into new innovative frontiers.     

    Download the webinar.